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Greetings from WonderKids!

Hello, my name is Mary Lou Reynolds; I am the Owner and Director of WonderKids Early Learning Center of RI.

I founded WonderKids in 1987 to provide children with a very special, safe, and healthy learning environment. Our goal has always been to give parents comfort in knowing that they have chosen the best possible home-like environment for their child to learn, grow and develop with great success both academically and socially.

On behalf of my staff and myself, we would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting our website.   We hope this tour will provide you with the information you are looking for when making this very important decision for your child and your family.

Our team of dedicated and highly trained professionals, whose love for all children is exhibited each day by the smiles on their faces, possess a genuine love and enthusiasm for guiding all of the children in their care.

For the past 30 years, WonderKids has proudly put forth much time, caring and effort, as well as research and development into our educational programs for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Our incredible staff of Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and Teacher aides, together with our Assistant Director and myself, diligently and enthusiastically carries out these goals each day. We take great pride in our work and continually hold ourselves to the highest standards, to ensure excellence.

At WonderKids we work together with our community by reaching out to help others in times of need, and when special circumstances arise we pride ourselves on being there for all of our families, and working together to overcome any childhood issues that may occur along the way. We understand there is absolutely nothing more precious or more important than your child.

We at WonderKids take our job very seriously by providing an excellent education for your child, and consider it a privilege to be part of your child’s early learning experience. Starting at Infancy through Pre-Kindergarten, we teach your child what is necessary for a well-rounded child to succeed in life, and strive to build the foundation of skills each individual child will need for lifelong learning.

WonderKids is proud to have helped thousands of children over the years to develop the skills they need to achieve academic excellence! We offer well-planned learning centers that prepare children throughout their developing stages. WonderKids incorporates the RIELDS (Rhode Island Early Learning & Development Standards) into each well thought out daily lesson plan, which in turn corresponds to the weekly and monthly learning themes. Using these RIELDS provides guidance to families on what children should be able to do as they enter each phase of their development in preparation for Kindergarten. The Standards are inclusive of all children by recognizing that children may meet the developmental milestones at different times and in different ways.



The Rhode Island Early Learning & Development Standards are divided into nine domains:

1. Cognitive Development

2. Mathematics

3. Science

4. Social Studies

5. Creative Arts

6. Physical Health & Motor Development
7. Social & Emotional Development
8. Language Development & Communication
9. Literacy

We at WonderKids, incorporate these Early Learning & Development Standards to assist in the successful future development of your child’s growth by providing them with a well-rounded curriculum starting in Infancy and carrying that into every stage of development through Pre-Kindergarten and beyond!

WonderKids provides parents with peace of mind in knowing their child is being lovingly cared for in a safe, nurturing and healthy learning environment, which is clearly depicted throughout our 7 warm and inviting, natural light-filled, spacious and colorful classrooms.

Our team of experienced and highly trained teachers work together by gently guiding your child as they transition into the next classroom, from Infancy, to Toddlerhood to Preschool, and onto Pre-Kindergarten. This process is recognized and completed when your child is ready to proceed. Our teachers at WonderKids have the understanding and knowledge of knowing when each individual child is 100% ready to transition into the next classroom, and diligently work together as a team, to successfully guide your child into their next phase of learning and developing. At WonderKids, our emphasis is based on each child being ready developmentally vs. chronologically, which will ensure and optimize a high level of self-confidence that every child needs to succeed academically as well as socially!

We listen, and we understand, by continually working with our families to consistently ensure the best possible atmosphere for all of the children in our care. We strive for this unity, and strongly believe that together we can accomplish great things!

We would like to invite you to call us at 401-714-4945 or email us at director@wonderkidschildcare.com for a personal tour, and thank you again for taking the time of visit our website and experience what an extraordinary and special family WonderKids truly is!

Very Truly Yours,

 Mary Lou Pariseault Reynolds







We are conveniently located near 95 / 295 / Airport Connector off Post Road.

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Conveniently located in Warwick, RI
Near Route 95, 295, Airport Connector,
Green State Airport  & walking distance
from MBTA train station

Phone: 401-714-4945
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:15 AM - 5:15 PM
73 Alhambra Road

Warwick, RI 02886

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